pictureI am an ESRC Doctoral Research Fellow and PhD Candidate in International Political Economy at the University of Warwick, researching the transformation of global finance and the infrastructures underpinning it. In my PhD project, I research the development of Chinese capital markets and their integration into global finance and focus on the role (stock and derivative) exchanges play as crucial actors in processes of capital market development. 

I am also a co-founder and -organiser of the Warwick Critical Finance Group.

You can find more information here.


21 September – 19 October 2019. Conducting additional research on China’s capital markets as a visiting scholar at the East China Normal University in Shanghai.

17 September 2019. Presented my research on varieties of capital markets and China’s integration into global finance at the FinGeo Global Conference at Beijing Normal University.

12-20 September 2019. Final stretch of fieldwork in Beijing – meetings with exchanges, brokers and regulators to learn about current developments in the transformation of China’s capital markets.

9-10 September 2019. As Warwick Critical Finance Group, we organised the WCF-PERC ‘Critical Macro Finance’ Workshop at Goldsmiths, University of London.

19-29 August 2019. Conducting additional interviews with index providers, exchanges and asset managers to fill a few gaps in the index provider paper that were are currently revising.

2 July 2019. Very happy to have been awarded ESRC funding for an Overseas Institutional Visit to spend six weeks at the East China Normal University in Shanghai (Sep-Oct).

27 June 2019. Jan Fichtner, Eelke Heemskerk and I presented our paper on the growing private authority of index providers at SASE 2019; also organised a panel on China’s financial market development where I talked about Chinese stock exchanges.

26 June 2019. I presented a paper on China’s domestic capital market development at the SASE Early Career Workshop in New York.

7 June 2019. I presented a paper on China’s integration into global finance at an International Political Economy Workshop by the German Political Science Association in Frankfurt.

17 May 2019. I presented a paper on China’s capital markets, state capitalism and the global financial order at the Politics of Money Workshop hosted by the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne, Germany.

11 May 2019. As a follow-up to the ‘Conceptualising Markets’ workshop in March, I published a blog post on ‘China, State Capitalism, and the Global Financial Order’ at the Centre for International Studies (CIPS Blog).

6 May 2019. Second meeting with Jan Fichtner and Eelke Heemskerk from CORPNET in Amsterdam – paper is written, a few final touches and soon to be submitted.

2 May 2019. I attended the BISA-IPEG Conference at King’s College London.

27-29 March 2019. I presented a poster on China’s integration into global capital markets and its implications for the global financial order at the International Studies Association in Toronto.

25-26 March 2019. I attended the ‘Conceptualising Markets‘ Workshop at the University of Ottawa, presenting a paper on China and varieties of capital markets.

21 March 2019. I attended the ‘Finance, Security, Infrastructure‘ Workshop organised by the Collaborative Research Centre on ‘Dynamics of Security‘ at Justus-Liebig University in Gießen.

6 March 2019. As part of WCF, I organised a talk with Daniela Gabor on critical macro-finance and balance-sheet centred approaches in political economy. Check out the recording here!

4-6 March 2019. Catching up with some people in the City of London and Canary Wharf – background discussions on clearing, futurisation and index providers for ongoing research.

18 February 2019. Meeting with Jan Fichtner and Eelke Heemskerk from CORPNET in Amsterdam to discuss a joint paper.