Peer-reviewed articles

Chen, M. & J. Petry (2023) What about the dragon in the room? Incorporating China into international political economy (IPE) teaching. Review of International Political Economy (open access).

Pape, F. & J. Petry (2023) East Asia and the politics of global finance: a developmental challenge to the neoliberal consensus? Review of International Political Economy (open access) (this paper was discussed in/by the China Times, Commercial Times, Yahoo and Asia Global Institute).

Petry, J. (2022) ‘Beyond ports, roads and railways: Chinese economic statecraft, the Belt and Road Initiative and the politics of financial infrastructures‘, European Journal of International Relations (open access) (this paper was discussed in/by the official report of the Munich Security Conference).

Petry, J., K. Koddenbrock & A. Nölke (2021) ‘State capitalism and capital markets: Comparing securities exchanges in emerging marketsEnvironment and Planning A: Economy & Space, online first (open access) (this paper was discussed in/by The Conversation, Asia Times, Yahoo, LawFare Blog & Moneyweb).

Petry, J. (2021) ‘Same same, but different: Varieties of capital markets, Chinese state capitalism & the global financial order’, Competition & Change, 25(5): 605-630 (open access) (this paper was discussed by the East Asia Forum, Economic Sociology & Political Economy, The Conversation, Yahoo & Asia Times).

Petry, J., J. Fichtner & E. Heemskerk (2021) ‘Steering capital: The growing private authority of index providers in the age of passive asset management’, Review of International Political Economy, 28(1): 152-176 (open access) (this paper was discussed in/by Financial Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, Washington Post, BBC Business, Guardian, Investment & Pension Europe, Brussels Morning, Medium, Morningstar, Jacobin, The National Interest, Notes on the Crisis, Yahoo, Lexology, TabbFORUM, Developing Economics, ForeignAffairs & Financiel Dagblad).

Petry, J. (2021) ‘From national marketplaces to global providers of financial infrastructures: Exchanges, infrastructure and power in global finance’, New Political Economy, 26(4): 574-597 (open access) (this paper was discussed in/by Financial Times, ETF Stream (2x), Business Standard, Brussels Morning, TabbFORUM, Yahoo Finance, Brave New Europe, Net Interest).

Petry, J. (2020) ‘Financialization with Chinese characteristics: Exchanges, control and capital markets in authoritarian capitalism’, Economy & Society, 49(2): 213-238 (open access) (this paper was discussed in/by the East Asia Forum, ETF Stream, Developing Economics, Economic Sociology & Political Economy, The Conversation, Yahoo & Asia Times).

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Dutta, S., F. Pape, R. Kremers & J. Petry (2020) Special Forum on ‘Critical macro-finance’, Finance & Society, 6(1) (open access).

Other academic publications

Fichtner, J, R. Jaspert & J. Petry (2023)  Mind the ESG Gaps: Transmission Mechanisms and the Governance of and by Sustainable Finance. Danish Institute for International Studies, DIIS Working Paper 2023-04.

Petry, J (2022) Global financial reallocation towards China: Implications for the liberal financial script. SCRIPTS Working Paper No. 17. Berlin: “Contestations of the Liberal Script” Cluster of Excellence.

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Petry, J. (2019) ‘Schmalz, Stefan (2018): Machtverschiebungen im Weltsystem. Der Aufstieg Chinas und die große Krise’ (book review), Politische Vierteljahresschrift, 61(1), 219-221 (pre-print).

Petry, J. (2018) ‘Investor trust, uncertainty and markets: Progress and challenges in the internationalisation of China’s capital markets’, China Watch, 28 (3/2018), 31-35.

Petry, J. (2018) ‘投资者信任、不确定与市场:中国资本市场国际化国家化进程中的发展与挑战’, 中国观, 78 期(2018 年第3 期总第), 25-27. [China Watch translation]

Non-academic publications

Fichtner, J, R. Jaspert & J. Petry (2023) What needs to change for green funds to be truly green. Danish Institute for International Studies, DIIS Policy Brief, 14 March.

Trinkle, A., F. Garten, J. Petry, B. Yang & Y. Zhang (2022) How to successfully carry out China Research in challenging times – A perspective from junior scholars. SCRIPTS Think Piece No. 14, Berlin: SCRIPTS Cluster of Excellence.

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Kaja, O & J. Petry (2016) “The ECB’s corporate bond purchase programme: More distortions”, Deutsche Bank Research, 14 June (this paper was discussed in/by Die Welt and El Economista).

Deutsche Börse (2015) Corporate Report 2014. 16 March, Frankfurt (co-editor/author).

Deutsche Börse (2015) Deutsche Börse Group: From trading floor to electronic trading marketplace. June, Frankfurt (co-editor/co-author).

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Media interviews with the Financial Times (quoted), BBC Business (quoted), Wall Street Journal (not published), The Economist (not quoted), Barron’s (not quoted), ETF Stream (quoted), Trends (fortchcoming), The Wire China (quoted) and The Wire China (not quoted).

Working papers

Wall Street China Complex: state capitalism, liberal order & malleability of global finance

The emerging governance and regulation of green finance (with Jan Fichtner & Robin Jaspert)

State capitalism & the liberal financial order: contestation or convergence? (with Andreas Nölke)

Banks, exchanges & the politics of financial market infrastructures (with Lorenzo Genito)

[some papers not listed that are under review]

Work in progress

Contesting financial hegemony: China, US futures markets and commodity pricing power

Shareholding states? A comparative analysis of global equity ownership patterns

The rise of index capitalism (with Jan Fichtner, Jan de Koenig & Eeelke Heemskerk)

What is a developing country? Comparing the politics of status in finance, trade & climate (with Klaus Dingwerth & Clara Weinhardt)