Academic publications

Petry, J. (2019) ‘Securities exchanges: Subjects & agents of financialization’, D. Mertens, P. Mader & N. van der Zwan (eds.) International handbook of financialization. London: Routledge (in press).

Petry, J. (2018) ‘Investor trust, uncertainty and markets: Progress and challenges in the internationalisation of China’s capital markets’, China Watch, 28 (3/2018), 31-35.

Petry, J. (2018) ‘投资者信任、不确定与市场:中国资本市场国际化国家化进程中的发展与挑战’, 中国观, 78 期(2018 年第3 期总第), 25-27. [China Watch translation]

Non-academic publications

Petry, J. (2017) “Why does fieldwork matter? Some reflections on immersion, the everyday and knowledge creation from researching financial markets in Hong Kong”, Social Science Works, 10 November.

Petry, J. (2016) “Intellectual monocultures, black swans & the failure of economics: lessons from the global financial crisis and austerity”, Social Science Works, 7 November.

Petry, J. (2016) “The ECB’s corporate bond purchase programme: More distortions”, Deutsche Bank Research, 14 June(with O. Kaya).

Deutsche Börse (2015) Corporate Report 2014 (co-editor/author).

Deutsche Börse (2015) Deutsche Börse Group: From trading floor to electronic trading marketplace. June 2015 (co-editor/co-author).

Petry, J. (2014) “Bailing out global finance: the origins and consequences of ‘too big to fail’”, Pinpoint Politics, 4 February 2014.

Petry, J. (2013) “Constructing the Eurozone crisis: a tale of PIIGS, debt, and austerity”, Pinpoint Politics, 8 December.

Work in Progress

(2018) Beyond ports, roads, railways: ‘One Belt, One Road’ and the politics of financial infrastructures.

(2018) Banks, exchanges & the politics of financial market infrastructures (with L. Genito).

[several papers not listed that are under review]